Link To Us

Here at Sell My Minibus, we are always looking for minibuses to buy. You can earn money by providing a link to our site (and/or referring customers to us). We already have several schools and charities earning up to £250 for every vehicle we buy as a result of a customer coming to us from their site.

There are two schemes: the commission-based scheme and the flat-fee scheme.

The commission-based scheme involves a payment (commission) for each purchase we make. We pay commission as follows...

Purchase price of vehicleCommission
Up to £5,000£100
Over £10,000£250

The flat-fee scheme involves a one-off payment simply for providing a link to us. This can pay up to £150. The amount will vary depending on how many visitors come to us from your site (...which means we check the website stats [analytics] periodically to see where visitors are coming from).

However, there is a third option ... if you want to provide a link and get a reciprocal link in exchange, this can be done.